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I was asked to restore these floors in Cambridgeshire that were in an edwardian terrace house.The boards were not in a good way , plenty of scratches ,rough sections and alot of black pitch surrounding the outsides of the rooms. Black pitch is typical of this era of housing as fitted carpet was not avaliable at this time so they used to paint pitch around the outside of the room to give the illusion of the floor being completely stained or varnished.Obviously to do the whole floor would mean more expense so by painting a small area which was not covered by a rug was the most cost effective way of doing this,The boards were sanded back using my Pallmann cobra belt sander,edged and then finish sanded with the Bona flex machine.The entire floor was finished to 80 grit water popped and then gone over with a 120 multi hole disc to give the floors a high quality of finish.The floors were then oiled using Pallmann magic oil 2k which really brought out the character of these period features.

Pine wood floor sanding Cambridgeshire before

This is the floor before the floor sanding took place.Very dirty with years of neglect, back then floors were only used as a means of practicality and not something of beauty.

Pine wood floor sanding Cambridgeshire sanded

This is the floor sanded back removing only the top layer to reveal the clean look underneath all the years worth of grime.

Pine wood floor sanding Cambridgeshire Oiled

Now the floor is used as an attractive feature of the house and not just a surface.The Pallmann magic oil really brings out the grain detail ,colouration of the boards and obviously the charcter of the wood.

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