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Georgian pine full of character.

Timeless floor restorations were out to a manor house this week.

2 rooms were knocked into one and the client was after a rustic look to suit the age and character of their beautiful home.

The house was from the 1830s and was stunning.Plenty of pine throughout the house and I had the pleasure of restoring 1 of the many 10 or so areas that I have to restore.

This was a difficult floor to finish,covered in black pitch and 

Extremely unflat,plenty of woodworm damage and it clearly showed it's age.

This was sanded diagonally to flatten it off and was then stained and finished in lacquer.

The results speak for themselves although a slog to get through it was well worth it in the end.

Sanding it flat

Sanded back

These boards were 6.5m long continuous pieces

Sanded back

Stained brown

Stained brown 

Lacquered wet

Lacquered dry


Lacquered 2nd coat


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