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Iroko rescue.

Was called out to st neots to look at a previous contractors Job

Sadly it was carried out to quite a poor standard of finish.The floor was laid and then sanded.When it came to the finish it was done a budget and sadly the end result suffered.Within 6 months the floor was showing signs or traffic and wear.

I was asked to repair and finish up the parquet ,then sand and finish with lacquer.

After initial quotation,moisture readings and a test sample the job was mine and the 5 day restoration on this beautiful floor was carried out.

After sanding, the floor was then resin filled and then 

Before sanding 

Before the sanding 

It was primed with pallmann allbase and then 2 additional coats of Pall x 96 semi matt lacquer.

A very happy customer in the finish and the floor looked amazing in the end.

Repairs needs pulling up and rectifying

No glue present 

Edges not finished 

Test patch carried out for adhesion.

Finished hallway

Finished hallway 

Lounge through

Lounge finished

Lounge completed 

Lounge done

Priming the floor

Straightened up the edge

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