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Singaporean mahogany parquet.

Had to work in a lovely edwardian house its from 1903 and was stunning.

Client had lovingly restored the whole house back to its wonderful character.

My client ran the house as a beauty business and had a floor which had heavy traffic usage in the through Hallway.

He had bought back a load of timber from Singapore and machined thousands of tiny pieces to create a wonderfully unique 5 finger parquet floor.

A previous contractor had sanded and finished the floor but was finished in oil.

3 years had past and the floor was showing signs of wear 

Wasn't too bad but he felt he needed something more hard wearing.

Dry and scratched after heavy foot traffic

The floor was sanded back resin filled and then primed with Pallmann allbase to enhance the natural colour of the timber.

The floor was then lacquered with pall x 96 semi matt finish.After the initial coat it was then keyed back to then be final coated with another topcoat.

Sanded back

Sanded back

Sanded back

Applying the primer

Applying the lacquer

1st coat dryed

1st coat dryed

Applying 2nd coat after keyback

2nd coat wet

The beatiful 1903 Edwardian property.

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