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Pine hallway and lounge sanded and oiled

This is the hallway and lounge I have been sanding and finishing recently.Over 100 years old again and was in a bad way. A few replacement boards needed and a damn good tidy up in general.These floors get so much abuse over there lifetime and every once in a while they need bringing back to modern times. The beauty with these floors is that they can be sanded and re sanded over and over again meaning you can change taste or styles as the fashion changes.White washing or oiling or dark brown. Lacquered or oiled they can be manipulated to your bespoke trends and tastes.

Here's a few pictures of the floor before the floor sanding was carried out.

Pine hallway prior the sanding in Cambridgeshire.

Pine hallway prior the sand

Pine lounge before pictures of sanding

A carpenter previously repaired some boards with new white pine. It's not the most glamourous choice but it's cheaper than reclaimed. We always replace boards with reclaimed timber as we know this is the best option to get a better matched and better looking floor. I had to try and stain these boards to match the existing which is extremely difficult to achieve as you cannot replicate over a 100 years worth of character.

Black pitch around the edge Cambridgeshire floor sanding.

Black pitch dominated the outer edge of this floor, this stuff is a nightmare to remove.It clogs up sanding discs easily as the friction creates heat and turns this pitch into a sticky mess.

Pine lounge sanded back

Sanded back nicely.

Pine lounge sanded back

Sanded back

Sanded back pine hall Cambridgeshire

This is the hallway sanded back to bare wood.

Oiled Pine Lounge in Cambridgeshire.

Floor Sanding in Cambridgeshire

Lounge oiled up.Floor Sanding in Cambridgeshire

Oiled up and finished

Oiled hallway floor sanding Cambridgeshire

Hallway oiled and finished.

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