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Muhuhu herringbone

Got asked to restore some lovely muhuhu herringbone floors from a repeat customer of mine.

The floor had been covered by carpet for the best part of 22 years and was found.

The phone was picked up and timeless were called to restore this beautiful floor.

There used to be a fireplace which was converted in which needed reinstating back in with matched blocks.

Blocks were sourced and the concrete was knocked out.Levelling compound was put in and the floor was completely pulled up around the edges as damp had buckled this floor all around the perimeter 

The fireplace was rebuilt and so were the edges.

The floor was fully sanded back resin filled and then finished.

Customer was amazed at the transformation and to be honest it looked stunning 

Before the work

Fireplace pulled out

Edges getting repaired

More edges 

Whole outside pulled up

Fireplace levelled off and rebuilding 

Edges rebuilt

Resin filling

Floor repaired sanded and filled

All finish sanded

Fireplace unnoticable

Flat as a pancake


Grain detail was amazing

Fireplace area looked great

Finish was superb

All done

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