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Maple junkers floor restored

I went out to sand a floor in Cambridge and was alarmed at the state of this one.Years and years worth of muck and debris had been pushed into the surface of this beautiful floor.It needed some tlc for definate.The product which had been applied previously to the surface has degraded over time and was worn all the way through to the original wood. The problem is that moisture and dirt get into the grain and will eventually permananetly stain the floor.If not treated it will ruin the floor and the only option would be to replace in it's entireity.This flolor did take a bit of time to get round but it just goes to show that a floor has to be in quite a bad way to not get a decent result.Many of people would of scrapped this floor and laid a new engineered board to replace it but there was no need as there was a stunning floor under there waiting to be showcased.

Badly abused over years of neglect.

Dirt was engrained deep into the wood.

Maple junkers floor

The floor was then resin filled after the intial sanding. This process involves using the dust from the higher grits, mixed into a resin glue. Once you have the correct consistency you must then trowel fill the entire floor filling up the voids to create a much smoother surface. This is fairly important as when it comes to the finishing you do not want bleedback from the oil.Once the whole floor had dried off it was finish sanded water popped and then oiled to give it that lovely rich tone.The grain detail was awesome on this floor.

Beautiful maple floor.

Amazing grain detail on this with the oil.

It's clean crisp and with the correct maintenance will last a very long time.

Stunning maple floor

A massive improvement on it's former look.

This is the floor finished with pallmann magic oil 2k . Alive with character.

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