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Victorian lounge gets an overhaul.

Been working on a victorian lounge pine floor recently. Floor was your typical pine floor been butchered by the trades bless em.Dirty worn and ready for some tlc, Trouble is half of these floors lives are hidden under carpet and noone thinks about them being displayed. Generations pass and trends change meaning these floors see all the colours and finishes under the sun. Years pass the odd bit of wood worm and new board replacement and you soon end up with a floor that is patchworked together like my old blanket and looks a state.

That's where we come in . Timeless Floor Restorations rectified this relic into something that was usable , practical and beautiful in it's own right for the hard work and abuse that it will recieve in the rental market of Cambridge.I sanded this back, repaired countless boards and resin filled the entire floor area and oiled this up with Pallmann magic oil 2k which is more maintainable for future years to come when tenants come and go.

You can probably agree the difference is chalk and cheese and the client was over the moon.

Board replacement Floor sanding cambridgeshire timeless floor restorations

New boards stripped out and reclaimed put in.

New boards in Timeless Floor Restorations

Reclaimed put in. It's so difficult to match 100 year + colouration and character.A local reclaim yard is best but even then its hard to match. Be aware of this when you are out on the field quioting jobs.

Before sanding picture Timeless Flooor Restorations

Boards replaced . This floor had a mish mash of allsorts but still beautiful in it's own right.

Floor Sanding Cambridgeshire Timeless Floor Restorations

Sanded , resin filled and ready to accept it's new coating. Pallmann Magic oil 2k is the order of the day.l

Beauty under the surface Timeless Floor Restorations

Pictures don't do this floor justice it looked stunning !!!!

Sanded Floor Cambridgeshire Timeless Floor Restorations

Massive improvement from before.

Sanded back floor sanding cambridgeshire Timeless Floor Restorations

Nice and flat now with the floor resin filled and finish sanded.

Finished floor sanding , Timeless Floor Restorations

Massive colouration as there were so many different types of boards but still looked superb.!!

Floor sanding cambridgehire Timeless floor restorations

Warmth .character and charm.Who needs a new floor when its already there right in front of you. Get bored of it , change it , colour it , add a lacquer or oil, or both oil primer and then lacquer. Best of both worlds , that is the beauty of this old wood, it's natural thick and the average floor has at least 10 sands out of ( as long as you know what your doing. ) " Beauty is only under the surface" Timeless floor Restorations Wood Floor Sanding Specialists in Cambridgeshire.

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