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Vintage victorian traffic.

Hallways tend to get the most abuse in any household and don't we know it,They are the first point of contact from the outside elements and Years of traffic over them.Dirt and moisture break down the finish of your beautiful wooden floor.Problem is that pine is soft and absorbant any it doesn't take too long before the dirt starts to show.I have been recently working in Cambridge restoring some floors and was up against a hallway that needed a bit of timeless floor restorations love.The floor was sanded back to bare wood and then resin filled to fill the gaps in the boards.This stops debris collecting in the holes , makes cleaning easier , and gives a more finished appearance to the whole floor.After sanding filling and oiling the floor was clean and presentable again to live another 100 years.Now everyone that enters is welcomed by a glowing warmth of victorian vintage pine.

Before the sanding the floor was dirty worn through and unpleasant.The gaps in the boards were also quite wide allowing dirt and debris to collect in them,Let alone the draughts from underneath.

Worn pine floor in Cambridge timeless Floor Restorations

This picture shows up the gaps quite well and the amount of scratches over it.

Sanded back pine floor sanding cambridgeshire

Sanded back and filled, makes such a difference to the look of these floors.

Floor sanding cambridgeshire Timeless Floor Restorations

Looks welcoming again.

Floor sanding cambridgeshire timeless floor restorations.

Much more refreshing

Floor sanded in cambridgeshire by timeless floor restorations

Oiled up and protected against all those wet muddy feet that will pass over it.

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