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The Nordic pine look.

Got asked to carry out a restoration in Cambridgeshire to 2 attic rooms.Both were under carpet and wasn't too sure on there condition.Some times you can get a nasty shock with these but to the clients delight it was quite pleasing.character period boards.They needed a bit of tlc but nothing i couldn't handle.

A few repairs needed but otherwise pretty good condition.

This may look alarming to anyone uncovering this but rest assured wonderful things can happen to this.

The floor was sanded back with 40 grit all the way up too 80.i then finished the floor in a white water based stain to whiten up the boards.after a denib and vacuum I then oiled the floors to bring the grain detail back through the white .The results speak for themselves ,very bespoke and it looked awesome.

The effect was stunning. 

A nice change to the orange pine like effect of natural oil.

As this was an attic room it brightened the place up and really complimented the style.

Very pleased with the results of these as this was a hard look to pull off to be honest.

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