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Grass cutting but not as we know it.

Had a really nasty worktop in need of some real attention this week.

It was bamboo and in a real state.

A lot of people associate this as wood it's actually a type of grass.

None the less it can be sanded and restored and timeless were all over it.

Years of neglect ,burns and a really poor application of danish oil previously resulted in a worktop which many would disregard and replace.

I saw potential and looked past the grease and water damage and saw the beauty underneath.Fully sanded back and then treated with a quality product regulated at food preparation Standards.Treatex clear Matt hardwax oil was the flavour of the day and wow.This product complimented the grass top spectacularly.  See the results for yourself I was more than happy with this transformation and so was my client.

Worktop before the work

Filled with burns and grease


Bit of drainage!!

Uneven filthy and in practical harbouring for knows what.


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