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Herringbone rescue.

Got asked to take a look at a strange one last week.It was a herringbone parquet which had seen better days.

After initial inspection and moisture readings it came apparent that the customer has an issue with damp and that the floor had previously suffered from this.

As wood is a living thing ,moisture humidity and temperature all affect this and over time the wood had moved.The only problem was there was no expansion and the floor only had 1 way to go and that was up.

The floor had 2 really bad areas in the corners where the floor had come up.

My job was to pull it all up clean the bitumen off the blocks and subfloor and then cut the blocks smaller so tightness was not a problem.I then added cork for expansion and then glued back the blocks to the floor in pattern.

After repairs I sanded the whole floor from 40 grit to 80 grit and then resin filled the floor to lose all of the gaps.

The floor looked stunning after the oil application and buffing process.

Now just got a lounge and dining room to restore :) 

The finished product. Beautiful floor in the end 

Oiled and Buffed 

Sanded and filled 


Corner affected

Pulling up the blocks

Blocks pushed up from movement 

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